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Deep fjords, high mountains, summer pastures, idyllic hamlets and thriving island communities; all this is typical of Nordmøre. Where the land meets the ocean lies Kristiansund, a modern town with a busy street life, old cultural monuments and a sea-faring history.

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Kristiansund is a city and municipality on the western coast of Norway, in the Nordmøre district of Møre og Romsdal county. It was officially awarded township status in 1742, and it is still the major town for the region. The administrative center of the municipality is the city of Kristiansund.

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Traditionally the inner part of our region has been an agricultural area, and some places this have been combined with forestry and hunting. Today there is also great power production in the area. You will also find a modern aluminium factory in Sunndalsøra as well as a great pipe factory in Surnadal. Surnadal has also a number of businesses in the furniture industry. Along the coast the fishing industry has been a natural source of income. Kristiansund has the most diversity when it comes to industry and at the moment shipyards has a major position. Petroleum and gas is a growing area. The greatest private industry when it comes to the number of employees is the service industry.


You can experience 4 seasons in a day, so it is necessary to bring clothes for all kinds of weather. Our region has both a coastal and inland climate. During summer the temperature ranges from a low 10 degrees up to around 30 degrees. Sunndalsøra often has the highest temperature in Norway. Winters are usually mild along the coast and there is often little snow. While inland and the high country will have lots of snow and cold weather.


Getting here

By boat

The coastal steamer Hurtigruten call at Kristiansund every day, for more information visit

Between Trondheim and Kristiansund there is an express boat service by Kystekspressen several times a day.

While travelling around you will experience a number of ferry crossings both across fjords and out to the islands in the open sea.
For more information visit

By bus

There are express bus services throughout the region with connections to other major areas around the region. Local buses have services that will take you to most small villages and towns.

By car

The main roads to Nordmøre from Trondheim/Trøndelag are the E39, Highway 680 and Highway 70. If you are coming from Molde/Romsdal, you can choose between Highways 663 or 64, or the E39/Highway 70. A varied and exciting network of roads in Nordmøre links the different parts of the region together. Delightful trips on the fjords in modern ferries provide you with a break in your driving.


Foto: Øivind Leren. Havna i Kristiansund - Klikk for stort bilde

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