Terms and conditions

The sale of products on 


is undertaken by Eventim.no (”Eventim”)

Akersgaten 7, 0158 Oslo

Business registration number: 995 498 057.

Contact: kundeservice@eventim.no or tel.: +47 21 95 92 00.

Conclusion of agreement

The agreement only takes binding effect for both parties when Eventim has registered and received your payment.

Eventim is only distributer of the tickets on behalf of Kristiansund kommune. Eventim is not the organizer or promoter for the events offered. These events are the responsibility of Kristiansund kommune. Subsequently, the organizer is your contracting party and it is Kristiansund kommune who is responsible for complying with the agreement. Any matters concerning compliance with the agreement must be clarified with Kristiansund kommune.

The purchase agreement is subject to the general rules of Norwegian law, unless other rules regarding consumer protection are applicable in the country of your residence.

Terms and conditions of sale were last updated 06.01.2020, and are valid for all purchases made after this date.

Purchase of ticket

In order to make your purchase at this website, you must do the following:

1.Search and find ticket(s).

2.Select type of delivery.

3.Accept the terms and conditions

4.Log in if you are already a customer. If you are not already a customer, you can easily create your account.

5.Enter customer data.

6.Insert discount code or gift card code if you have one.

7.Select method of payment.

8.Check whether all details are correct.

9.Approve purchase.

Your order confirmation will be sent to your email within a few minutes.


If you have selected standard post as delivery method, the tickets are sent to you as soon as possible, and you will receive them within 5-7 business days after your purchase. For tickets sent abroad the expected delivery time is 14 days. The tickets are sent to you by regular mail to the address you have stated in your purchase.

If the purchase is made shortly before the event, the tickets will be sent by express mail. Our barcode system ensures that the ticket you receive cannot be copied or otherwise forged. Accordingly, it is not necessary to send a registered letter, and you do not need to be at home when the tickets arrive.

Please note that prolonged delivery time can occur due to unexpected conditions.

If you have chosen “Print@Home”, you will receive your ticket on your email as soon as possible after the purchase. If you do not receive the email with the ticket within 24 hours of the purchase, please contact Kristiansund kommune by sending an email to booking@kristiansund.kommune.no.

If you have chosen “Mobile ticket” as your delivery option, you will find a QR-code on the order confirmation page. In the email confirmation, which you will receive shortly after your purchase, there will also be a print@home attached.

If you do not download your tickets from the order confirmation page right away, or you do not receive an email confirmation, you can log into your customer account and download your mobile ticket.


All prices include any applicable taxes and ticket fee, except any delivery fee or other fee. The costs will appear separately before the payment is completed, and be a part of the total amount in the purchase process.

You can pay for your tickets by VISA and MasterCard. All communication between you and Eventim is encrypted.

Payments using VISA and MasterCard are processed by our partner CTS Eventim & Co. KGaA, Contrescarpe 75 A, 28195 Bremen, Germany, which is Eventims´s associated company.

Ticket fee, costs of delivery and administration

The ticket fee is included in the ticket price.

Shipping fees depend on where the ticket is to be sent:

  • The delivery cost to addresses in Norway is NOK 49.00 per transaction.
  • The delivery cost to addresses in other countries is NOK 75.00.

When contacting Eventim’s Customer Service to buy a ticket, you will be charged an expedition fee of NOK 25.00 regardless of the number of tickets.

All prices include VAT and taxes.

The ticket

The ticket with the printed barcode is your access to the event. The ticket is only valid if the barcode has been activated. Tickets that have been cancelled due to loss etc., are not valid access cards. The barcode will only be accepted once. The ticket cannot be copied or otherwise reused.

If you cannot attend an event, you are free to give your ticket to another person. However, there may be some events where ID is asked for at the entrance, but this will be clearly on the website and the ticket.

It is not permitted to transfer purchased tickets for commercial or other business purposes, such as:

  • Use of tickets as prizes in competitions or similar, without having obtained prior approval from the concert organizer as well as the artist
  • Transfer of tickets where such transfer is made as a bonus for other services, e.g. sale of travel, restaurant visit, hotel stay and similar, without having obtained prior approval from the concert organizer as well as the artist.
  • All professional business sale or other transfer of tickets, irrespective of the price.

Please note that according to Act on ticket touts it is illegal to seek to achieve a profit through resale of tickets.

If the ticket is used or transferred for commercial purposes, the ticket will be cancelled. We have the rights to invoice all costs related to the cancellation as a consequence of misuse, with a minimum of NOK 500,- per ticket.


If the ticket is lost before the event, Kristiansund kommune is able to issue a new ticket for you. Send an email to booking@kristiansund.kommune.no.

If you do not receive the ticket by mail we are able to print a new ticket for you without cost and risk to you as a customer. The new ticket will have a new barcode, whereas the lost ticket will be cancelled and can no longer be used at the entrance. You should contact the organizer with a wish for reprint NO LATER THAN 30 BUSINESS DAYS after your purchase. After 30 business days, it is your responsibility if the ticket is lost, and you will then pay for the reprint of the ticket.

The fee for reprint of a lost ticket is NOK 60,- of service charge as well as the ticket fee per ticket and the delivery fee if sent by post. This does not apply for mobile tickets as they are free of charge to resend.

When the reprint has been completed, it is not possible to regret the reprint as the original tickets have been cancelled.

Ticket changes

We do not change tickets, neither within price categories, seats nor date.


An event has been cancelled if the event is not performed at all. Changes to the repertoire, the date, partial performance of the event, etc. are not considered a cancellation, and the money will normally not be refunded unless statet on the event.


Purchased tickets will only be refunded in the event of cancellation. The individual organizer is your contracting party and thus liable to refund the ticket price in case of cancellation. Eventim will carry out the refund on request by the organizer. The refund will be transferred to the card used when purchasing the tickets.

As distributor, Eventim is not liable for your losses arising from the organizer´s suspension of payments, bankruptcy, cancellation of event or due to other defects regarding the event. Consequently, you waive any right to make a claim against Eventim.

NB! Charged ticket fees, other fees, cancellation insurances as well as any delivery costs paid when purchasing the ticket, will not be refunded in case of cancellation/relocation.

There is no right to revoke tickets purchased on this website.


Eventim assumes no liability against you, except the above sections and required regulations. Eventim assumes under no circumstances liability for indirect loss or consequential damage, including loss or damage of data.

Personal privacy

We register and use personal data in accordance to our Cookies- and Personal privacy.


Any complaint regarding the event is to be addressed to the organizer, as this is your contracting party. If you are unsatisfied with anything in connection with your purchase of tickets, please contact Kristiansund kommune at booking@kristiansund.kommune.no

Should you not find a solution with the organizer, you can make a complaint through Forbrukerrådet.

Furthermore, you can use the European Commission's online Dispute Resolution in order to make a complaint. This is in particular relevant if you are a EU resident. When submitting the complaint, you need to state the organizer´s email address.


  • Kristiansund kommune reserves the right to cancel issued tickets against refunding the ticket price and ticket fees.
  • Kristiansund kommune makes reservations for errors in details about prices and for sold-out events.
  • Kristiansund kommune reserves the right to change the seating within the same ticket category as well as to move to a different category against repayment of a potential difference in price to the customer.
  • Eventim is solely liable for the ticket buyer's potential direct loss if such liability exists within the general rules of Norwegian law. The liability of Eventim in such events is limited to the ticket fee.